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About the Georgetown India Initiative

The India Initiative, founded in November 2015, built on Georgetown University’s core strengths—academic excellence, location in Washington, DC, and Jesuit mission of service to the world—to advance research and teaching around India and world affairs and create a platform for high-level dialogue among American and Indian leaders from government, business, civil society, and the academy. 

India’s economic potential, democratic culture, and strategic importance make it a key player across a range of global challenges, including politics and identity, economic participation and innovation, technology and communication, environment and energy, and security. The India Initiative, a university-wide effort centered in the Office of the Vice President for Global Engagement, builds knowledge and fosters dialogue around these and other issues of critical importance for India, the United States, and the world.

Georgetown is already a leading institution for the study of India. Teaching on India has grown across Georgetown’s nine schools. More than 50 faculty members are currently doing work related to the country and teaching India-specific courses spanning 10 academic disciplines. The Asian Studies Program in the Walsh School of Foreign Service offers a master of arts degree, as well as certificates at the graduate and undergraduate level. Building on these diverse strengths, the initiative supported research that brought together Georgetown faculty and colleagues at other institutions, and encouraged student engagement with India through study abroad opportunities and student-to-professional dialogue.

Our Objectives

Educating Future Leaders about India 

  • Indian Language Instruction:  Facilitate the study of Hindi as well as other regional languages that enable deeper understanding and study of India.
  • Scholarships: Generate funds to endow scholarships for Indian students.

  • Study Abroad: Provide more study abroad, service, research, and internship options in India.
  • Collaborative Research: Promote research related to India and seek partnerships with academic colleagues as well as interacting with government and civil society stakeholders in India.
  • Student-Student Dialogue: Connect students at universities in India to classes being held concurrently at Georgetown via state-of the-art videoconferencing facilities. 
  • Student-Professional Dialogue: Sponsor outreach activities that provide avenues of professional interaction with members of India’s policy community and equip students to contribute to this process.

Creating Knowledge for Service 

  • Annual Symposium: Host a conference on current affairs in India to engage leading thinkers and policymakers from across the United States on timely issues India faces.
  • Ambassadors' Roundtables: Host ambassadors from the region to address regional and comparative challenges.
  • Business and Policy Dialogues: Bring business and policy leaders for closed door and panel discussions to address critical questions in conjunctions with existing forums.
  • Governance and Civil Society Dialogues: Explore questions regarding governance. Share expertise on issues such as security studies, urban planning, climate change, development, poverty alleviation, and social innovation.
  • Leadership Exchanges: Facilitate access for senior dignitaries from both countries on their visits to have meaningful conversations with policymakers, academics, private sector leaders, and government officials.