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2016 Grant Awards

The Georgetown India Initiative awarded three faculty seminar and collaborative research seed grants that were implemented in the 2016-2017 academic year. 

Title: Collaborations between Georgetown and the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore 
Georgetown Faculty Sponsors: Richard Weiss, Department of Chemistry, Georgetown College

This project convened 11 professors in the Georgetown University Departments of Physics and Chemistry who worked with colleagues at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore (IISc) to promote institutional collaboration on scientific topics dealing with soft matter. The universities hosted a two-day conference that explored science and technology issues in the context of economic development and environmental sustainability. The workshop helped promote a long-term partnership which will lead to study abroad and overseas research opportunities for Georgetown students and faculty.

Title: Measuring the Impact of Real Estate Investment Trusts in India
Georgetown Faculty Sponsors: Matthew Cypher, Edward Walter, and Sunil Madan, McDonough School of Business

The Indian government passed legislation that governs the formation and taxation of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in the country. With support from an India Initiative seed grant, the Steers Center for Global Real Estate of Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business initiated a study quantifying the impact that this legislation has on economic and social development in India by extrapolating the impact of similar legislation passed in the United States. The Steers Center convened a working group in Washington, D.C., and organized a workshop in Mumbai in order to exchange ideas between stakeholders in the United States and India.

Title: Rethinking India's Rise to Global Prominence: Challenges and Opportunities for Culture and Identity
Georgetown Faculty Sponsors: Henry Schwarz, Coílín Parsons, and Ananya Chakravarti, Departments of English and History, Georgetown College

This faculty seminar, organized by Henry Schwarz, Coílíin Parsons, Ananya Chakravarti, and other colleagues in Georgetown College, brought distinguished scholars to campus to share their research with the Georgetown community. The interdisciplinary lecture series addressed human development, culture and identity, and economic issues in India, and explored these themes in the context of the Indo-U.S. strategic relationship.